A Photo Tour to California Via the
Oregon to California Trail
Photos copyright by Shann Rupp

Junction of the Applegate Trail and the Oregon to California Trail - now under Emigrant Lake. Remains of an old Route 66 paved road lead into the lake.

Road was an 1830's Hudson Bay Pack Trail, the 1854 wagon road, and the 1859 Toll Road. This is part of the 2.5+ mile hike.

Bhuddist Temple at end of hike.

Sign at Cole's Station reads: 

Stage Coach Station
Last southbound stage
left on Dec. 17, 1887

Cole's Stage Coach Station

Mt. Shasta From the Fish Hatchery

Upper Soda Springs
Campsite of Indians and 
Hudson's Bay Trappers. 
Popular Resort on 
California-Oregon Trail

Castle Crags

Unusual mural in bas-relief concrete on Rte. 299 Overhead

Right fork is trace of old Stage and Wagon Road, which later became the Pacific Highway.