CA-NV Chapter Awards

California-Nevada Chapter Award Nomination Form

Once a year Chapter Awards are given to recipients to acknowledge their contribution to our goal of saving and preserving the history of the trails. To select these recipients, the Awards Committee reviews the Letters of Nomination submitted to the chapter for consideration. A member of OCTA, a non-member, or a community entity, such as a business, may be nominated. The majority of awards are Certificates of Appreciation but there are also two specialized awards. A Senior Trail Boss certificate may be awarded by our President, and one Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to a chapter member in recognition of their many years of service. Please download the Awards Nomination Form and follow the directions for completing and submitting it.

The California-Nevada chapter honors members and supporters by awarding Certificates of Appreciation, a Senior Trail Boss award, and a Lifetime Achievement award.

Certificates of Appreciation are given to members and supporters who contribute to the chapter’s efforts to preserve and protect trails, educate members and the public about the important of trail preservation, and support the chapter in other ways.

The Senior Trail Boss Award is given by the chapter president to recognize someone who has been especially productive and helpful during the previous year.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a special chapter member with an outstanding, long-time record of service to trails preservation.

Awards Ceremony 2023



August 2001: Richard and Orsola Silva; Doyle and Fiona Reed; Beverly and George Hesse; Joe and Jean Ellingson; Joanne Hlinchliff; Rick Maddalena.

January 2002: Chuck Graydon; Ormie Lamson; Virginia Hammerness; Pat Loomis; Gene and Eisal Brantley.

August 2002: Ormie Lamson; Norine Kimmy; Don Wiggins; Paul Sawyer; Bob Pearce; Chuck Dodd.

April 2003: Bill and Beverly Webster; Charles Little; Bernie and Ed Scoles; Ford and Elen Osborn; Doug Crary; Patty Knight.

August 2003: Olive Donaldson; John Krizek; Larry Fritz; Geno Oliver; Jerry Dwyer.

March 2004: Carol March; Jack Clough;

Judy Allen; Bob Iverson; Betty McClain; Leslie Fryman; Judy Yandoh.

August 2004: Dave Hollecker; Gary Kurutz; Jim Allison; Mary Ann Tortorich; Jeanette Roberts; Richard Brock.

April 2005: Tom Fee; Jeanne and Bill Watson; Kathy Lewin; Patty Knight; Zeke Sicotte; Curtis Grant.

August 2005: David Vixie.

May 2006: Herman Zittel; Anne-Louise Bennett; Jim McClain; Dave Palmer; Dave Stone; Hugh March.

April 2007: Dave Stone; Jay Stoval; Bob and Cherie Evanhoe; Terry Hardwicke; Dave Johnson; Dana Supernowicz; Bob Shallenberger.

July 2008: Fran Hull and the BLM; Betty Aleck and the Leader-Courier; Linda Sanders and the Fernley Preservation Society; Fernley Parks and Recreation.

2018: Duane Jones; Bill Adams; Forrest Bietz & Terrible Travel Center; Bob Evanhoe; Dee Owen; Dave Smythe.

2019: Native Daughters of the Golden West Parlor 179 of San Juan Bautista; Bill Holmes; Steve and Donna Shaw; Butte County, California – Search-and-Rescue Unit’s K-9 Team; Dr. Doris Dwyer.

Karen Giron and the Truck Inn; Arnold Coronado; Waste Management. (This was a special presentation Tom arranged, through the Chapter President, for major contributors to the Annual Fernley Swales Cleanups). 

March 2009: Kathy Buob; Norine Kimmy; Virginia Hammerness; Jim Rose; Steve Knight. 

May 2010: Bob Evanhoe; Vince Correll; Mary Ann Tortorich; Susan McCabe; Stephen Christy; Trash Pros. 

April 2011: Jan Petersen; Tom Hunt; Dee Owens; Dave Hollecker; Marilyn Bergum; Scott Lawson. 

May 2012: John Winner; Tom Dougherty; Dick Young; Dick Waugh; Ed and Anne Bagne. 

May 2013: Dick Waugh (Oroville symposium); Michael Trueblood; Fran Taplin; Caelan Mayberry; Jim & Denise Moorman; Nancy Fee. 

April 2014: Lee Drummel; Larry Schmidt; Mark Wilson; Cal Trans – Cables Lake Crew; Archaeologists: USFS Plumas, & USFS Eldorado. 

May 2015: Howdy Hoover; Ken Johnson; Steve Shaw; Dave Freeman; Susie Winner. 

May 2016: Herman Zittel; Kathy Koester; Anne and Kirke Wilson; Janet and Jon Nowlin; Phyllis Smith; Adam Welch; Kathleen Buob. 

2017: Dick Waugh; Dan Murray; Steve Shaw; Rachael Crews-BLM; Chuck Simeca; Priscilla Vanderpas.

2020-2022: (Combined due to COVID-19)
Ken & Jo Johnson; Helen Hankins; Duane Jones; Marlene Smith-Baranzini; Darrell & Cali Wood (Rancho Bosquejo); Francisco Paredes (AKT Ranch); Seth Owens; Bart Johnson (Wheatland Historical Society); Joe Waggershauser (Wheatland Historical Society); Ryan Wimmer (CalFire)

2023: David Fullerton, Dave Freeman, Dave Loera, Alison Harvey, Bill Holmes, Phyllis Smith


(Chosen by the Chapter President, prepared by the Award’s Committee)

April 1994: Jack Steed

February 1995: Jim McClain

1996-2003: (None?)

2004: Frank Tortorich

2005: Alison Portello

2006: Tom Dougherty

2007: Richard Silva

2009: Don Buck

2010: Thomas Hunt

2011: Ford & Ellen Osborn

2012: Tom Fee

2013: Dee & Glen Owens

2014: Lloyd Johnson

2015: Dick Waugh

2016: John Winner

2017: Jon Nowlin

2018: (None)

2019: (None)

2020: (None)

2021: (None)

2022: Dave Vixie

2023: Jon and Janet Nowlin


many years of service

2002: Tom Hunt (January 2002); Dick and Ginny Davis (August 2002)

2003: Mary Mueller

2004: Shann & Bill Rupp

2005: Don Buck

2006: Frank & Mary Ann Tortorich

2007: Pat Loomis

2010: Chuck Dodd

2011: Steve & Patty Knight

2012: Zeke Sicotte

2013: Carol & Hugh March

2014: Fran Taplin

2015: Tom Fee

2016: Richard Silva

2017: Dave Hollecker

2018: John Winner

2019: Bob Evanhoe

2020: Dick Waugh*

(*Award presentation delayed due to CoVID-19)

2021: (None)

2022: (None)

2023: Dee Owens