Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the historic emigrant trails legacy by promoting public awareness of the trails through research, education, and preservation.


The California-Nevada Chapter

The California-Nevada Chapter is one of eleven regional or state chapters of the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA), an organization dedicated to protecting the legacy of historic emigrant trails, which made the United States an ocean-to-ocean nation, by promoting research, education, preservation, public awareness and collaboration.

“We do more than save trails, we save America’s heritage.”

History by Mary Mueller

Early Chapter History

The CA/NV chapter was formalized in 1986. In balloting conducted by mail between June and August, the chapter membership voted to organize and elect a five-member board of directors. Frank Tortorich was elected to be President. The first issue of Trail Talk was printed in 1987 and the report of the first chapter membership meeting was held August 19, 1986, at the convention in Carson City. It appears that the board agreed to meet separately in January for planning and to schedule the (business) membership meeting in April.
[Vol.1.No.1, page 1.]

California-Nevada Chapter Printable Brochure

Discover even more about our chapter through our PDF printable brochure and feel free to print and share. Easily join the National OCTA organization first and then add a small yearly membership fee to join the CA/NV Chapter by mailing in the brochure or easily join online through our National OCTA page.

Explore CA-NV Areas

In the next section explore the trail tours, trail markings, and history behind the vision and mission to preserve the very trails that many of our ancestors traveled to bring a sense of home to us all. Find out how to become a member of the California– Nevada Chapter and more!


Our organization is dedicated to preserving, studying and marking the long-distance historic trails within our own state and others in the West. If you share an interest in the pioneers, traders, trappers, settlers and travelers and the old trails, tracks and emigrant roads that brought them this way, you’re a kindred spirit.

Discover the Trails

Discover the many amazing emigrant trails and routes that wind through California and Nevada, such as the Truckee River Route, Fernley Swales, Beckwourth Trail, Henness Pass Road and many other historic trails and routes. Join us and learn about the rich history of the pioneers that traveled these famous trails in the mid-1800’s.

Chapter History

The California-Nevada Chapter is one of eleven chapters of the Oregon-California Trails Association, an organization dedicated to the preservation, appreciation and enjoyment of all transmigration trails to the west, the trails that made the United States an ocean-to-ocean nation. Learn about our activities and preservation work.

Symposium of people gathered together in front of a new marker on the trail.


Discover our many events throughout the year. Join us on Monday April 29th for the CA-NV Chapter OCTA 2024 Membership Meeting and Awards Luncheon in Truckee.

Members Only

As part of its mission to promote education about the westward emigrant trails, OCTA produces a wide-ranging set of quality publications for the members.


If you’re interested in the historic trails that cross the West and especially CA/NV, as well as all the history and lore that surrounds them, we invite you to join with us.